Secure connection fails during scanning of executable

Web Proxy is set to standard mode. Web client is using proxy.

Everything works fine, but when downloading a executable from a SSL web site, the web page displayed during scanning fails with error "Secure Connection Failed".

The certificate I use for "Certificate for End-User Pages" under Misc-setting for Filtering Options uses the following Subject Alternative Name:,,,

The URL to the utm is

Firefox and other web readers have become harder to validate certificates. What can I do?

Must the proxy CA used in UTM have the IP-address as Alternative Name?

Firmware version: 9.700-5
Using Firefox ESR

  • Halloj Erik,

    I've not heard of this before.  What do you see in the Web Filtering log when this occurs?

    Cheers - Bob

  • In reply to BAlfson:

    Done some more testing. When disabling "Use a custom certificate for HTTPS pages" for Certificate for End-User Pages on Filtering Options Misc tab it works.

    Using my certificate does not work, for some reason. I have set Subject Alternate Name according to online documentation. Apparently there is a cert error for me.