unblock my gmail

I've got a request from a client to unblock GMAIL while still blocking other Webmail sites.  The content filter category is working well at blocking all webmail sites and I figured the best way to unblock GMAIL would be to add an exception.  However, I'm a little stuck on what to add to the exception list to allow complete GMAIL access.  It appears that www.gmail.com will forward you to https://www.google.com/accounts... and after you authenticate it takes you to mail.google.com.  I've tried adding gmail.com and mail.google.com (assuming that Google is already allowed since the client can search google)to the exception list but no dice.  My random attempts at adding "*" to various positions in my exceptions bore no fruit.  I'm guessing I'm missing something that could be covered off by using regular expressions but I must say that I know next to nothing about them.    Can anyone help a brother out?

  • I had specific hosts that I needed to block all web except gmail webmail. First, I applied web filter rule “block all” to my specific hosts, then I added a new exception to allow the following domains, “google.com” and gmail.com”. I limited this exception to my specific hosts by adding “AND” “Coming from these hosts”. It works.
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    What related line(s) do you see in the Web Filtering log when a block occurs despite your Exceptions?

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