Unable to connect to local resources on VPN connected machine

Our users are able to connect to the VPN successfully and connect to network shares and all resources. They can even connect to the local C:\ drive of a user in the office however if a user connected to our LAN tries to connect to the local C:\ drive of a user connected to the VPN they can not. The user can ping the VPN connected but cant connect to the local drive, even if you try to connect via ip for example \\\Drive letter$

Does anyone know a fix to allow users connected to the LAN to be able to connect to the C:\ drives of users using VPN's? 

  • What does the live firewall log show when a local user tries to connect to shares of the vpn user?  My guess is an explicite rule allowing this needs to be created.

  • It's been several years since I did this, but I think I to reach my laptop from the office when the laptop was logged into a VPN, I had to use an additional address [Remote Bob] on the Internal interface and then make a DNAT.

    DNAT : Internal (Network) -> Any -> Internal [Remote Bob] Address : to MyUserName (User Network)

    Did that work?

    Cheers - Bob

  • In reply to BAlfson:

    That did not work. The solution ended up being to unblock tcp port 445 on the firewall settings.