How to configure screen resolution for HTML5 portal remote desktop connection clients?

Does anyone know how to configure the screen resolution for remote desktop connections via the HTML5 portal? The resolution I'm getting on the clients is very low. Thanks! -Tom

  • There isn't an option to change the screen resolution at this time. You can make a feature request at
  • Hi Tom,

    I had the exact same issue and only discovered this by accident.  Logon to the User Portal but before connecting to the RDP connections, maximize the User Portal window.  The RDP window will open using the same view port size as the User Portal.

    NOTE: I've only tried this in Firefox.

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    I can confirm that the behavior is consistent across multiple browsers.  I believe I have tested Chrome and IE 11 on Windows, and my users have confirmed this behavior using Safari on MacBooks.    The viewer window launches with the screen truncated to the same pixel count as the portal window that launched it.   After launch, you can maximize the screen, but the contents remain fixed, surrounded by a large blank space.

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    This is definitely still a problem as best I can tell for all browsers.  Having said that, at least with Firefox, I get better resolution and can accomplish most tasks without loss of screen real estate.  Thanks for the tip re: Firefox.  It helps.