Problems to access DFS shares through ssl vpn connection

I´m getting troubles to access dfs shares from my domain through  a ssl vpn connection. The client is member of the domain and from the internal network it works without any issues. When i connect to the network through the sophos ssl vpn client i can access the shares dirctly on the fileserver (\\server.domain.local\sharename), but not the dfs shares (\\domain.local\dfssharename). I have already tested with full access to local network in vpn profile.

I think it might be a problem with the authentcation to the domain? Any suggestions to this?

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  • Hello Malte,

    i have also problems with DFS shares over VPN. It works most of the time... but it takes much longer to "find" the shares.

    I build a stupid waiting loop in my "profilename_up.bat" script to work around the problem:


    SET _temp_dots=""
    ECHO Wait for domainname...
    if not exist "\\domainname\netlogon\NetLogon-Online-Status" (
    <nul (set/p _temp_dots=.)
    sleep 2
    GOTO wait_for_domain

    It can loop for minutes, but the DFS is usualy found within seconds if i execute a "ipconfig /renew" or "ipconfig /flushdns". I have no idea what the root cause for this problem is, but the VPN Connection "_up" Script bruteforces it with the "ipconfig" and waiting loop 95% of the time. Sadly the VPN "_up" Script is not execued after you had a failed VPN logon.

  • Hallo Malte - welcome to the UTM Community!

    How do you have 'Remote Access >> Advanced' configured?

    Agreed, ipconfig /flushdns is your friend when using a non-Microsoft app like an OpenVPN client.

    Cheers - Bob

  • In reply to BAlfson:

    Thanks for your replys! I will go with a test of "ipconfig/flushdns" in my script.

    "Remote Access -> Advanced" is configured with my two internal dns servers an our fqdn domain name like domain.local. We have no WINS server in our environment.