RED 60 poor am unreliable perfomance

I have problems with my new RED 60.

I have updated to 9.703 at the UTM. Hopefully this was not a mistake. Only with this firmware the new RED 60 should run.

There remain connection failures, a ping breaks off and rebuilds itself, the important remote desktop, preferably with Radmin, works sometimes, sometimes not. On the computer of the remote network, sometimes a network drive can be established with the target server, sometimes not. Very frustrating.

The internet connection is above average for German standards. About the quality of the line I can say nothing.

I had to determine in the intenal remote network that pinging from a PC to the RED 60 needs 40ms and more. With other devices in the same network the runtime of a ping is less than 1 ms!

Hence my questions:

1. Is it normal that the ping PC to the RED 60 runs so long?
2. Are there any solutions to fix the unreliability of the Sophos system?

At the moment there is no home office available. My hardware upgrade from RED 15 to RED 60 is a step backwards.

  • Could you decrease the MTU Size of the RED interface on UTM and try again? Use something like 1400. 


    Also do you have dual WAN or how is your RED60 connected? There are two WAN Connections, do you use both or just one? 

    Could you post your RED configuration on SG? 



    PS: You are not pinging the RED, you are pinging the UTM. If you ping the IP of your RED, it actually gets forwarded to the SG. Hence you have a higher ping than 1ms. 

  • Hallo Roth and welcome to the UTM Community!

    I'm not sure what you mean by "a ping breaks off and rebuilds itself."  What are you pinging and please show us the ping results.

    What are you seeing when you notice that "remote desktop, preferably with Radmin, works sometimes, sometimes not"?

    Is the "remote network" the one behind the UTM, or are you accessing a device behind the UTM that considers the "remote network" to be the one behind the RED?

    Where is the "target server" - behind the RED or the UTM?

    Cheers - Bob