RED 50 REV. 1 does not load the new connection date from the Sophos Server


im relativ new to the Sophos, so sorry for not using the right terminology. 


I have a Sophos RED 50 an want to connect it to my UTM 9.703-3 Home License. The RED is a used one of ebay.

I have configured the RED via the Deployment Helper. Every thing went good there. The Log also shows that the 

configuartion was uploaded to the Sophos server. 


Now the Problem: 

After now 2 Days of continues trying to connect to the "old" previous Owner Server the Sophos RED does not load the config file. 

The Firewall logs shows that connection form the RED are going to the server and also in the display it is 

showing that its trying to connect to the provising Server. But it does not load the config.


Has some one maybe an Idee what to do? Or how i can set it to factory settings at least? 


The RED is completly open to the internet no block ports or somthing like that. 

It is also getting an DHCP Adresses.