UTM 9.601 - RED issues!

Since upgrading all our customers to 9.601, a bigger part of them are complaining about RED's re/disconnection in a no-pattern way.

It started for all of them just the night we upgraded to 9.601, and they all are on different ISP's and located different places around the country.

Been with Sophos support for 2 hours today, and now they escalated it to higher grounds.

Will return with an update....

Suspicious entries in the log - but all connected REDs do this before connection:

2019:03:06-15:15:38 fw01-2 red_server[17509]: SELF: Cannot do SSL handshake on socket accept from 'xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx': SSL connect accept failed because of handshake problems

2019:03:06-15:15:46 fw01-2 red2ctl[12420]: Missing keepalive from reds3:0, disabling peer xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

I know the last line is written before the tunnel disconnects, because there was no "PING/PONG" answer...

One customer has 2 x RD 50, one 1 100% stable and the other fluctuates in random intervals - we replaced this with a new RED 50, but the same thing occurs.

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    I would highly suggest to start to debug your UTM Connection.

    Start by dumping the Port 3410 and Port 3400 Port in a file (ring buffer) and extract it. 

    Then analyse the time frame, when the connection drops and not restart. 


    I would guess, this is, as mentioned before, not related to the general RED issue in UTM9.6.


    Maybe you should open another Channel and post your output there. 

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    I can also confirm, that we could solve overflow issues on RED15W with disabling the unified firmware. Customer had recurring interuptions. This has really nothing to do with ISPs.... It´s the really bad quality of your software, that isn´t tested sufficiently and causes so many headaches to many customers... You should really think about rolling out security and feature updates seperatly. So someone could still satisfy security needs, while features could be installed later...

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    And what we get know after disabling the unified firmware is this message:


    [INFO-184] RED server not running - restarted


    It appears every hour...

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    Plan a reboot, that fixed the issue here....


    If HA reboot both nodes.

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    Thank you, we will try that!

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    another 10 days later, the first location with RED15 is offline again:

    2019:09:15-21:56:48 vpn red_server[5533]: RED15_LOC1: No ping for 30 seconds, exiting.
    2019:09:15-21:56:48 vpn red_server[5533]: id="4202" severity="info" sys="System" sub="RED" name="RED Tunnel Down" red_id="RED15_LOC1" forced="0"
    2019:09:15-21:56:48 vpn red_server[5533]: RED15_LOC1 is disconnected.
    2019:09:15-21:56:48 vpn red_server[4919]: SELF: (Re-)loading device configurations
    2019:09:15-21:56:49 vpn red2ctl[4930]: Overflow happened on reds1:0
    2019:09:15-21:56:49 vpn red2ctl[4930]: Missing keepalive from reds1:0, disabling peer x.x.x.x

    and still no Update from Sophos about a fix!

    disabling unified firmware tonight and reboot the UTM

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    Did you open a Support Case? 

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    Thanks  Please DM me the case number once it is created.