New Home Network.. Issues seeing UTM off a Netgear C7000


Netgear C7000 Modem/Router


Had this UTM SG105W up over 4 years at another location with a different edge router.. (ATT Uverse)

Moved and setting it up from factory default as couldn't get into the UTM after the move plus I didn't like the way it was previously set up...


I used the serial/terminal with Sophos support and we changed the IP address on the WAN interface to something other than as that is my default gateway.

Changed my IP4 IP network settings on the PC to allow access into the UTM

Was able to log into the UTM and start making changes via the web interface...

Once satisfied with all of the settings.. we were ready to change the WAN interface to something like a 192.168.0.X and the default gateway to (same as the netgear)[I might be mistaken on what we set the default gateway to]  We also changed the PC plugged into the UTM to auto obtain IPs and such..

The hope/idea was the UTM would appear as another device on the network as would anything plugged into it...



Still not able to get access to the internet.. ping others..  ping the default gateway... ect...

Sophos thought perhaps this was a negotiation setting in the netgear (auto/full/half ect) and suggested changing however I don't see that as an option in the GUI.  They asked me to call them back after more testing...

So let them go... and then just rebooted the Netgear.. and boom my UTM was visable to all... could ping the default gateway..  but still not inernet access..  (rules and such created were all/any)

All devices were a 192.168.0.X  Thought not a touchdown.. was seeing progress....


Took a day off,, tried to tackle it again... sat down and the Netgear couldn't see the UTM anymore... and I couldn't log into it via the LAN interface anymore with the web browser.....

I know what we changed the WAN and LAN interfaces to as I took pics..

Rebooted everything... nada.. still cant ping anything,, cant see it... can't see other devices...

So back to square one... and was going to call sophos again and go through this again.


In a nut shell... all I want to do... is run all of my household items,, tablets,, thermostats,, ect directly off the Netgear wifi... and hang the UTM off one of the ports on the Netgear... then hang a media server and PC off the back of the UTM... but need them to all be on the same network.. 192.168.0.X

I would think this would be a simple task but .. guess not...

Keeping everything on the same network has been the only way I have been able to share media and files across all devices without issue.  Example some AVRs and TVs require it to be on the same network for a media server..

What am I missing in my configs?

Appreciate the tips/advice/help!


Thanks much..



  • Hi,

    what does the netgear give you that the UTM doesn't that you require the UTM to be behind the netgear?

    Have you enabled MASQ on the UTM?

    As well you will end with double NAT which will make debugging difficult and not all devices will connect to the internet.

    You would be better off with a modem in bridge mode and allow the UTM to manage the internet connection, then put the C7000 on the internal side as an AP only device.

    This will simplify your network debugging because the UTM will show you what is really going to the internet.


  • In reply to rfcat_vk:

    I believe after reading his first post what he wants is a full transparent setup. So I don't know whether or not you have bridged 2 interfaces on the UTM but that should be needed. There's really no other way to have your total network in both in front of and behind the UTM.

  • In reply to rfcat_vk:

    Thanks for engaging in the conversation!

    Few responses:

    • Spectrum requires a Modem/router and the C7000 offered the most to me at the time of purchase (to your question why it is there)
    • MASQ is enabled (sophos prem support set that up for me)

    Had not considered going with a modem and hanging the C7000 behind the UTM as a AP

    The UTMs wireless is buggy in my opinion and the broadcast was terrible compared to the previous ATT gateway.  This new Netgear c7000 has a very strong signal and 5G support.




  • In reply to apijnappels:

    I will do my best to answer these but will be traveling the next few days so forgive me as I might need to get back into the device for a more qualified response

    We (sophos prem support and myself) set up the WAN interface to a 192.168.0.x and default gateway to the Netgear default gateway

         We had tested it first with its own default gateway and IPs like and just to prove connectivity and concept and segregate from rest of the network.

    LAN interface is just set to a 192.168.0.x..  We also tried auto assign.

    Just a little about me so you know the audience... 

    I am a Communications sales manager at one of the big global telco's of 15 years and I have a high level networking, typology understanding.  I have done terminations, splicing, drops,, switches,, installed an AVAYA for my dads business.  Installed my home NAS Linkstation.. (don't get me started on how bad I hate that box..).,, (was behind the UTM).

    What got me into this was at Windows 3.1 for workgroup.. my dad asked if I could make that computer talk to that other computer.... so I went and got a big book and learned about thinnets,, BNC terminations.. ect.. and just figured it out... was hooked ever since...

    I am in process of a SIP certification as well for strengthening my sales understanding and opportunity qualification here at work.  I started Cisco INCD1 3 years ago but got sidetracked with having 2 kids.. so thats on hold for now.. lol...  My long term goal is to get a CCDA to advance my role at the office.

    Im great at my job... and get a lot of the verbiage and can visualize networking.... but no real "LAB" or real life experience/training with configuring routers and firewalls other than minor changes and such at my home... but I hope to get there!!

    So with all that said... please forgive in advance if I mix some terminologies and such up...  (kids keep my brain scattered)

    Thanks again!



  • In reply to Dustin Mitchell:

    Hi Dustin,

    thank you for that very long explanation about your background.

    I understand that the Netgear AP has way better performance than the Sophos AP especially for home users.

    I was not suggesting replacing the Netgear AP function, just moving it behind the UTM and put a cheap modem in bridge mode on the external side.


  • In reply to rfcat_vk:

    I suggest that too. Buy a cheap modem and Put the Netgear as AP behind the UTM

  • Hi, Dustin, and welcome to the UTM Community!

    Agreed about the wimpy WiFi on the 105w.  It's really only meant for a small, 1-or-2-room office.  You'd have been ahead if you'd gotten the 10r with an AP 55.

    I also agree with rfcat_vk and oldeda - get a "normal" modem and use that router as a wireless switch.

    As for the service/advice provided by your reseller and Sophos Consulting, I can only express my disappointment.  I wish you luck.

    Cheers - Bob