QOS does not work for groups

good day

I have the following problem I want to create a qos for youtube disguised as follows:

A group of computers are assigned 4 Megas (4096 kbps)

And other computers are assigned 128kbps

I already configured it this way but it does not work for me

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    I don't know if issues with using 'Upload Optimizer' have been fixed when using one or more Bandwidth Pools on an Interface, but I recommend against checking that box if you explicitly manage outbound traffic with Bandwidth Pools.  Similarly, I wouldn't select 'Limit Download' if you have a Download Throttling rule.  I didn't see a reason in your thread to select 'Limit uplink' - you might want to check the Help.

    Instead of a Bandwidth Pool on FW_WiFi_SOPORTE, what happens if you create a Download Throttling rule on the WAN interface using the same Traffic Selector?

    Cheers - Bob

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    Hi, let me tell you that the same problem I did indicated attachments catches
    Apparently only heed the internal network

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    Sorry, I have been busy. Without testing it myself, all I can suggest in addition to what Bob has already articulated is to try to make rules like

    ANY-- YOUTUBE-- ANY and then apply them to the interface you are throttling. Once that starts working, you can further tweak the rules by incorporating certain users/groups.


    So for your testing, leave the old traffic selector and qos rules that are working. Create a new youtube traffic selector with ANY ANY as source and destination and then apply it to the WiFi interface. This way, the old rules will keep on working while you test the new interface.

    Let us know how it goes.

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    Good day 


    We already made the configuration and we have the same result

    The strange thing that we see is that only a network ignores the QOS if we could give screenshots of its configuration to compare it because it does not work

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    If this is a bridged interface, QoS is disabled on it.

    Cheers - Bob

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    dont conection bridge i



    Is independent network

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    You need to have another pair of eyes on this configuration.  What does Sophos Support have to say?

    Cheers - Bob

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    If indeed we already have a case of support with support of sophos and we still wait for response because this strange that does not work