DMZ to Internet

I cannot get out to the internet on my DMZ.  Could someone please help.  I have been battling this for a week.  I have sophos UTM 9.

  • Hi PMJ

    Allowing outbound access from the DMZ to Internet should be the same as allowing outbound from the LAN itself.

    Basically you would need:

    • Either an outbound firewall rule and masquerade rule for the relevant traffic
    • Or a proxy profile matching the source network (for example a web proxy profile for the DMZ to allow outbound filtered web traffic)


  • Hi PMJ,

    do you use a private IP-net on the DMZ? Then maybe you forgot the masquerading-rule from DMZ (Network) to External (WAN).

  • In reply to GregH:

    I set it up the exact same way but still no internet.  My setup up is:

    Interface->DMZ->; No default gateway

    Masquerading Rule

    DMZ Network->Wan Interface

    Firewall Rules

    DMZ Network-> Drop any -> Internal Network Always

    DMZ Network-> pass any-> Internet IPv4


    But still no Internet.

  • In reply to PMJ:

    Got it figured out thanks.

  • In reply to PMJ:


    What was the solution?

    Cheers - Bob