Sophos UTM 9 - 2 LAN connection



Please pardon my english.


I have installed Sophos with following configuration.


WAN- Service provider static IP

From Sophos - LAN 1(eth0) to LAN Switch 


LAN Switch - Router 1 (LAN: and WAN

LAN Switch - Router 2 (LAN: and WAN


How i can connect Router 1 to Router 2?

Please help me out. Thank you in advance.

  • Hello,

    can you provide a little diagramm / ACSII Graphics to show us your setup?

    What are you trying to achieve?

  • In reply to jprusch:

    Here i would like to share data between router 1 and router 2.

    I do not know much about Rules and Firewall so it would be great if you advise exactly what i need to add in sophos firewall.


    Thank you in advance.

  • In reply to super duper:


    are these "routers" or are they wifi access points like in your diagramm?

    If you just want to have "one big LAN" with two access points, I would recommend another setup.

    Can you give details on the routers, please?

    Is this a Sophos hardware or your own"appliance"? How many network interfaces does it have?

  • In reply to jprusch:

    Yes they are wifi routers, one netgear r7000 and second netgear r8000 with dd-wrt

    We have sophos hardware sm105 with eth0(LAN), eth1(WAN), eth2(DMZ) and eth3(HA)

    Let me know if you need any other information.

  • In reply to super duper:


    ok, your infos clarify a bit.

    Despite the labels "LAN", "WAN", "DMZ" and "HA" at the Sophos ports, you can use "DMZ" and/or "HA" as additional internal ports, if you don't have HA or a DMZ-Zone in place.

    Can you please explain, what you try to achieve?

    Question1: Do you want the two LANs to be separated?

    Question2: If you just want to have "one big LAN" with two access points, I would recommend another setup than you suggested in your picture.

    Question3: Are these Accesspoints bridging their Wifi-Zone to the LAN or do you route?