I found this in the logging, should i worry?


I see my network usage in the logging section, and i found this.

The host is ok, but what dose the other (highlighted in green) do in the network traffic section inside the network?

shuld i worry?

  • Hei,

    This is a list of "Clients" instead of a list of IPs active inside your LAN.  Not saying you shouldn't worry about them getting in, but this isn't proof that they did get in.

    Cheers - Bob

  • These are "clients" connecting to services provided by/within your LAN.
    Do you use some kind of file-sharing/telephony/WebServer/VPN/public proxy/ ...?
    i would check the "top services report" from tab you use for "top clients report". 

    You should check the firewall/WAF/... logs too. There are multiple 10.000 connections.  

    There should be something to see