Sophos blocks client's continuous outgoing ping after rebooting

I have a computer that monitors our internet connection by pinging a few outside resources - google, level3, etc etc.  It does this by running a continuous ping to those locations.  Works fine day after day.  However if I reboot the router (usually after a firmware update) it will not allow that client to continue pinging those locations even when the internet connection is up and running.  I can ping those locations from other clients but not that client.  If I stop the pings I can eventually start them back up again but there's no set amount of time that I have to wait.  Sometimes it's 5 minutes for one location, 15-60 for others.  

I assume this has something to do with IPS but I do not know where to look.  What I'd like is to prevent the UTM from blocking ANY outgoing pings from this particular client.