Need FTP Access to NAS behind Sophos UTM9 for external access.

I am trying to setup External access to a NAS on my network with an external USB Share attached with files on it. i want to be able to Use an FTP client to connect to the share and download these.  I am not having much success with getting the correct configuration to connect externally.  The Nas is a Netgear ReadyNAS 104,  with FTP enabled on it.  i would like some help on the correct config with for firewall NAT/Dnat please.  all help is greatly appreciated.

  • ftp is unencrypted for both surhenticstion and data transfer, so it us not recommended.

    Encourage you to use Ssl Vpn with OTP, then Ftp inside the vpn session.   Then create a firewall allow rule for your username.

    Bad guys are doing sggressive password guessing and piry scanning.