Are these hacks?

Hi! I'm new to firewalls and UTM 9. Today i looked around in a active UTM 9 Sophos firewall and checked under Logging and Network Protection - Firewall.

For just today there where over 5000 lines and many of them from countries around the world.


I took som screenshots of these and of the info i got by clicking them, just to show you guys.

Are there breakins into our network? Have they gotten through our firewall?


On the first page, the dashboard, it all looks good thou..




  • Hi Jon,


    Just relax, if there would be a connection into your LAN you should expect more packets than 1 or 2. I would guess these are simply attempts to connect. If you are on the internet there you have always connection attempts from all arround the world.



  • In reply to Alexander Busch:

    Hi Alex!

    Thank you, sounds good :)

    I looked on all history and saw one adress in china with over 1220 packets. Is this anything to be concerned about then? 

  • In reply to Jon Bernt:

    1220 packets aren't very much. Imagine a portscan, you have 1 packet for each port at least. So I think probably not, but you should check that. Look at the reports for this special address and the destination services. That should bring some light into darkness.

    So your system should be fine, from that point of view.