Disable High Availability Question

I'd like to disable high availability for a short time. I have two ASG220s (one is master, one slave) in Hot Standby mode. I'd like to disable it and devote the slave to testing a new WAN connection. Once I disable HA, what will happen to the slave?
  • When you disable HA (with all units online), the Slave unit will do a factory reset.
  • When you're ready to put in back in place as a Hot-Standby, do a factory reset, power down, cable it, fire it up - the Master will sync it again, and you'll soon be back where you were defore the tests.

    Cheers - Bob
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    We seem to have an issue with one of our HA clusters.

    The master and slave both connect to a stacked Cisco 3750x eg UTM Lan Port (master) > Cisco g1/0/1, UTM Lan Port (slave) > Cisco g2/0/1

    All interfaces on UTM are like this.


    What happens if I disable HA whilst both UTM's are online?

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    If you disable HA in the Master, the Slave will do a Factory Reset and shutdown.  When you power it back up, the Master will sync to it again and your Hot-Standby setup will once again be in place.

    Cheers - Bob

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    Now the thing that I have to ask is.... is it safe to leave all the interface cables in place?

    I unplugged them all to be on the safe side (apart from the HA cable) but I wouldn't have if it's not required?

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    The safest when disabling HA is to not change anything else, Louis.  After the Slave has done a Reset and shut itself down, then you can disconnect the cables.  Just be certain that you hook them up correctly before you turn on the Slave node again.

    Cheers - Bob

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    Hi Bob,

    yes that's how we did it. We had an issue with the sync and I wasn't sure what caused it. They just wouldn't talk to each other although they had previously.

    Thing is, we did a x32 to x64 upgrade a while ago and I wasn't sure if that had caused the issue. I wasn't sure if a factory reset would revert it to the original x32 so i brought the other unit up sperately so I could access it via the shell and check if it was x64 (which it was)

    So, a factory reset only appears to wipe out the config and not the firmware/db version.

    This time around, I waited for the unit to sync and then attached the interfaces. In future, I will leave all cables alone.

    Cheers Bob