How to set IP-Range as "Source" in a multipath-rule ?

Hello Professionals,

I have about 20 SIP IP phones in my network and use several Internet lines. i would like to route all sip-traffic via a specific interface.

For this I would like to create a multipath-rule, which directs all traffic over the interface "telekom".

So I want to make sure my telephony works solid. (I have a DSL interface and a LTE / 4G interface. -->Sip-traffic should be routed via the DSL interface.)


Why can only 'one' host and no group or IP range, be added to the multipath-rule?

  • at my SG (9.605.1) ip-range is not an option as source within multipath rules.

    But "network Group" or "network" (subnet-definition) is an option.

    I think the network group should not contain an IP-Range...

  • In reply to dirkkotte:

    hi Dirk,

    thanks for your help.

    yes indeed, the network group did not allow me to add an IP-Range Object:



    but network-group was the right option for me.

    The problem ist solved, by adding every IP as a host object, and adding them to the network-group. (the clone option helped me, but it was still a lot of work/clicking.)

    It works like that, thanks again!!