Sophos UTM 9 - Login and set password via console and without using WebAdmin



I'm currently trying to automate logging into multiple Sophos UTM instances on AWS. I don't want to login to the WebAdmin since I have around 20 instances of Firewall running.

Is there a way to set it up via console, i.e, enter the host details and setup admin password as the WebAdmin initial login page?




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    Would you be more specific about your requirements? Do you want a way to log into SSH or you want a way to log into UTM Webadmin? 

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    Hi Jaydeep,

    I want to SSH into the firewall instead of webadmin.

    I intend to automate the firewall login along with AWS Cloudformation template but currently, for any firewall instance on AWS, I must always login to the webadmin first to setup the root password. Is there a way to do this via SSH login too?

    I am prompted for a password as soon as I SSH into the firewall instance as root. For this, I must know either the default password or be able to change the password to access the firewall configuration.

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    there is no default password for SSH login, you create the password in the web admin page, then you can use SSH. You will also need to create the loginuser password.

    The default ssh login is loginuser then change to root user and security feature which again you can disable but first you must login to eh web admin page.


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    Hi Madhuri and welcome to the UTM Community!

    You cannot login directly as root unless you have set things up with an RSA key - that's the most efficient.  Keep the loginuser and root passwords as a backup in case you don't have your private RSA key on the device from which you access.  I recommend limiting WebAdmin and SSH access to specific IPs and to individual workstation IPs, VPN user IPs like "MSampath (User Network)" and to your home IP.

    Another thing you might be interested in with that many UTMs is SUM - Sophos UTM Manager.

    Cheers - Bob