Configure public Routed subnet with PPPOE on Sophos UTM SG

Hello Guy’s,

I need to setup a UTM SG 135 with Public ip address with a routed subnet. My wan interface needs PPPOE. Is there an Article, video tutorial to achieve this?

Network configuration is.


Eth0: WAN With pppoe and public ip 82.z.y.130

Eth1: LAN with several internal VLANs

Eth2: Uplink to customer B router (ip from routed subnet. 82.z.y.161/29) Need to route through WAN

Eth3: Uplink to customer A router(ip from routed subnet. 82.z.y.162/29) Need to route through WAN

Love to hear from you

  • Hoi Stephan,

    This should be straightforward as long as your ISP routes the other IPs to 82.z.y.130.

    You might want to edit your post above because 82.z.y.161/29 overlaps with 82.z.y.162/29 and would create routing problems.  I suspect you will want something like 82.x.y.161/30 and 82.x.y.165/30 where B has .161 and A has .166.

    Cheers - Bob