Multiple routed subnets over 1 WAN

 Hello all, I'm quite new with Sophos and running into a problem here.. i hope someone can help me out.

one of our customers is using two SG210's in HA, nice legacy of their previous IT supplier.

they had a /28 routed subnet which all works fine. however they came to the point where the /28 is all used up, so we got another /29 adres as expansion.

however, i cannot get the /29 to work, and honestly i have no idea what the steps would be in a sophos UTM9 to get it to work.

i've seen posts about creating an alias, but if i go to interfaces, there's no option called alias.


thanks in advance!


  • Hoi Bjorn and welcome to the UTM Community!

    What do you mean that you can't get the /29 to work?  Please show pictures of the Edits of what you configured for that.  What did your ISP call the type of service you're getting with the /29?

    Cheers - Bob

  •  Hi Bjorn,

    i will not even Start to tell you how confusing your Question is ;).

    Are we Talking About LAN or WAN. You also talk About Subnet and 1 WAN in your title, thats just a normal Uplink you do not Need any Special Routing for this.

    IF LAN

    If you mean LAN that doesnt make sense to me. You run out of IPs in a /28 Network and now you Change it to a even smaller mask /29 ?

    IF WAN

    Also here it doesnt make sense, even if you could Change the MASK which you cant why do you smaller your mask if you run out of IPs ? If you Need more IPs contact your ISP he will handle that and provide you with another MASK, you cant just Change it.

    Please do me a favour, if you want our help (two Sophos Architects helping you) spend some more time to explain what your Problem is maybe with Pictures and so on we cant pull everything out of your nose :) .

  • Hello,


    i got the answer.. apparently creating a new additional adres with old/current gateway was enough.

    i thought since we had a new network adres and gw, that we actually had to use it.