Issue setting up HA

I am having an issue setting up HA. I enable the cluster config and set the node ids and lost communications, first with the first node and then with the second. I rebooted a node and everything looked ok (okay so I just watched it wiz by) including the cluster communication. Any thoughts here?

  • Hmm, as one of the guys here likes to say, always start with RTFM. ;-)

    Here's my standard instruction set for my customers that want to setup HA (bold added for what I guess is your issue):

    1. If needed, do a quick, temporary install so that the new device can download Up2Dates and is at the same version as the existing unit.
    2. Apply the desired Up2Dates, do a factory reset and shutdown.
    3. On the current UTM in use, on the 'Configuration' tab of 'High Availability':
       a. Enable Hot-Standby
       b. Select eth3 as the Sync NIC
       c. Configure it as Node_1
       d. Enter an encryption key (I've never found a need to remember it)
       e. Select 'Enable automatic configuration of new devices'
       f. I prefer to use 'Preferred Master: None' and 'Backup interface: Internal'
    4. Cable eth3 to eth3 on the new device.
    5. Cable all of the other NICs exactly as they are on the original UTM.
    6. Power up the new device and wait for the good news. Wink

    Cheers - Bob

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    Thanks Bob. I decided to switch to XG and had the same problem. In that case I was able to solve the issue by enabling mac address spoofing in hyper v. Not sure if that is required for this to work with UTM also or not.

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    Ahhh, the hardest thing to do when solving problems is asking the right question.  I would have asked you questions about what's where had I known this was virtual instead of hardware.

    Cheers - Bob