Need help with enabling SNMP, and getting OID from the MIB file.

Hi all.

I am enabling some sort of reporting sorta dashboard mechanism for sophos utm. For this i need to enable SNMP, and allow the reporting server allow to collect data through snmp walk. I believe the reporting server will keep talking to the sophos firewall server through OID's?

My apologies for using wrong terms. I am learning as i go about reporting and snmp stuff.

So I was able to find steps at sophos to enable snmp but the kb article was related to XG, and not UTM, i dont see a lot of items under xg show up in utm to make snmp work.

I am not sure about setting up trap's or even if that is needed. But under SNMP settings in the UTM dashboard, it doesnt look like just clicking the button to enable snmp will work, i need to add more stuff? Do i need to add stuff under "SNMP access controls", do i need to add stuff under Traps in the snmp dashboards tab?

If my reporting server is with port numer 8086 how am i supposed to go about doing this? Do i need to even add port number under some rule in sophos? I think i will need to do an snmp walk from this server as well after enabling rules.. protocols... right?