Can't navigate after turning Web Protection on

We are facing a rather strange problem with an UTM in our client (it is in the latest firmware version - 9.510-5).


When we turn Web Filter on (Web Filter running in Transparent Mode, no authentication and URL filtering only), end users are unable to navigate, but are able to ping urls (so we don't think it's a DNS issue). However, when we turn Web Filter off, they can surf the Web normally.


We have already tried restarting the HTTPPROXY service (\var\mdw\scripts\httpproxy stop/start). We also double checked our Web Filtering rules and configuration and nothing seems to be out of standard.


Is there anything you would recommend us to do?


Thanks a lot

  • Hi Carlos,

    what does the webfilter log says?

    Or try to check you webfilter profile with the policy helpdesk.

    Best Regards

  • Hello Carlos,

    What is the result if you use the Web Protection / Policy Helpdesk tool

    Insert a Source ip it is not working from and enter a destination URL for test.