UTM 9.510-5 is blocking lots of mail in/out and internal as SPAM



Since 8:48 AM CET out UTM is blocking almost almost all mail as SPAM , it started with outgoing mail only but now also incoming mail is effected.

We need urgent support, I'm already on hold for 45 minutes with Sophos Support!



  • Still on hold!!!!

  • Okay I was for almost 3 hours on hold....

    Sophos technician checked and could not find anything, after given him a few mails to investigate in their lab.

    at 2:45 PM I received a call that they have solved it, the problem was in the spam matrix.

    Indeed there are no new SPAM (Confirmed) mails in the mail manager that should have been delivered.

    Waiting for detailed information on the solution.


    Reply from Shophos Technical Support:

    The response that I got back from the labs was that the messages were classified as spam because it contained the URL schemas.microsoft.com/office/2004/12/omml, which was misclassified as spam.

    They now have cleared the reputation of this URL and as you checked already, it seems that it fixed the issue.