Add text to Email (on the top of the mail, similar to footer as informational text)

Hello all,


is it possible somehow to add a specific text to all emails passing through the utm from the "outside" /external ? The text should be added directly after the Subject, so before the text in the body.


I mainly see options for footers, so adding text to outgoing mails on the bottom.




  • Hallo Sebastian,

    I think that this is not something the SMTP Proxy can do and that it has to be done by the mail server.  I know that Office 365 can do this.  Please let us know what solution you adopt.

    Cheers - Bob

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    Thanks Bob,


    because of your statement, we had a closer look at the possibilities in Exchange. So we found a way using the Messageflow tool. There you can add rules with adding some text before the non-warranty disclaimer. There you can configure, that all messages coming from a certain IP for example will be modified. There you can also use html based tags. There is some documentation out there. Take a look here:


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