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I have a basic understanding question regarding incoming e-mails.

My starting point.

Email Protection is enabled, takes a look in all email-traffic and forwards all none SPAM emails nice and accurate to our exchange. So far so good.

Our exchange-admin came the other day to me with some SMTP-logs. Since we implemted the email protection the logs got a lot of bigger and unwiedly because of the forwarded emails from our UTM.

The problem is, in the past, befor we got our email protection if an external person (A@acme.com) was sending an email to multiple recipients in our company (B@company.com & C@company.com), there were only one incoming SMTP-log entry on the exchange.

Now, since we have email protection enabled, the sophos delivers every email separate, meaning if person A is sending one email to B & C we now get two entry, A to B and A to C, instead of A to B&C.

Is there a way to change that back?



  • Hallo Mamoulian,

    Interesting question - I've not seen that asked here before.  What happens if you create an Exception for 'Recipient verification' for one of those senders?

    Cheers - Bob

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    this is quite normal for an MTA like Exim.

    Basically what a MTA does in this case, it will split up and generate one mail per Recipient. 

    You will find this behavior in every MTA community (exim, postfix etc.)

    If you wont do that, lets think about the other stuff like: 3 Recipients are on the Mail, but one is not reachable. So basically the whole mail would get bounced. 

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    Thanks, Toni, for explaining that my suggested trick can't work with Exim.

    Cheers - Bob

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    Thank your for cleary this up. :-)