Are SPX generated and stored passwords SPX-Template-specific?


when using SPX Encryption on SG UTM with SMTP profile mode, it is possible to use different SPX templates with each SMTP Profile.

When using two SMTP Profiles with different SPX templates, both with password setting "generated and stored for recipient", what will happen, when a specific recipient gets adressed from both of those different SMTP profiles (and though from both of these two SPX templates)? Will the UTM generate Profile(i.e. Template)-specific passwords or will there be just one SPX password for this recipient?



  • I think the way the SPX engine works is that it's handed an email and then checks the password setting for the SPX template.  If it finds an existing password for the recipient's email address, it uses that even if it was created as a result of an encryption for a different Profile/Template.

    I haven't tested this, Stefan, so I'd be interested to hear what you experience.

    Cheers - Bob