Sophos SG hardware for Fiber


I am looking to get a new UTM (SG series) for a fiber connection 100Mb/100Mb. This will be connected to ISP cisco router.


What model would be suitable for the fiber link? it will be mainly used for web filtering, network protection, and VPN connections.



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    If you are connected to you cisco router using Ethernet cable you don't need any special hardware and the sizing must be made according to the number of users and the usage.


    If you need to use a FC to connect the Sophos SG, you have to first choice is 210 Rev 3 + 1 SFP Module (With SG 550 and 650 you will need a FlexiPort with SFP ports)




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  • Hi,

    if you only go for the 200mb throughput you'll be fine with anything bigger than SG 125.

    if you need to directly connect a fiber link via SFP optics you need to start with SG 210.

    my preference would be sg230 without knowing much about your environment.


    Please refer to the Sizing Guide and Datasheet or ask your local Sophos Partner.

    Yours Lukas