New Home User Hardware Question & Setup

Hello all

Been reading here as guest for a couple of weeks and gathering a few tips. Retired, ex PC support so I understand some of the stuff.

New UK user about to buy the following via AliExpress : QOTOM-Q355G4 2017 New fanless X86 4 LAN Micro Computer I5 5250U Dual core AES-NI.1080P HD Video.
Maximum 8gb RAM, 120GB SSD, WiFi & Bluetooth. Assume this will be fine for not heavy usage. Web surfing and some downloading, but currently no media streaming.

Current setup is VirginMedia Modem(in modem mode) >>> Netgear R7000 router(DD-WRT) >>> TP-Link TL-SG1016D Switch. Connections to Switch include
PC x 2(same PC), QNAP TS-253B NAS. All this plus other equipment including HDMI Matrix switch, housed in 19 inch rack. 4 'kids' have read only
remote access to QNAP NAS for Films, Music, Video and Photos. PC mirrored and imaged at least weekly to local external HDD's. I keep
multiple generations of mirrors/images. ONLY Films, Music, Video and Photos are also backed up to QNAP NAS weekly. Missus accesses stuff usually
via her phone, sometimes on Chromebook, using WiFi. Potential UTM PC mentioned earlier will have WiFi. Assuming that will work otherwise I will need a rethink.

Anyway the new setup will be VirginMedia Modem(in modem mode) >>> Qotom UTM PC >>> TP-Link TL-SG1016D Switch, i.e. the UTM PC will replace
the current Netgear R7000 Router, and everything will work wonderfully he hopes! Assumption is that keeping the Router will only complicate matters. IF the UTM
PC should go offline temporarily, I could put the VirginMedia Modem back in Router mode and stumble along until UTM PC is fixed.

In the very near future I will add security cameras(2 probable, 4 maximum) to the QNAP NAS. No doubt number 3 son, who wired the whole house for network/media/TV
access, will have other inclusions to suggest!

Any suggestions would be most welcome.



  • Hi Bryan,

    Nice box, should do you well, I have a slightly different box (Zotac CI320), 8Gb, 60Gb HDD. mine works great, no issues, and I do a lot of streaming with it.

    I also have a PoE switch, this way you can but PoE Phones, Cameras, WiFi APs, etc. so you only need one (LAN) cable, and don't need to find power near where you going to locate these devices.

    I don't think you'll have too many issues with the UTM going offline, the only time mine goes off-line, is when I am playing around with it, and trying the XG as

    one note, I found this when connecting mine to the 'modem', mine failed to negotiate with the device on the WAN side, I had to hard set the interface to 100Mb Full/1Gb Full. All was fine after that, a lot of head scratching went on with that one.

    good luck :)



  • In reply to Argo:

    Thanks for the reply Jason


    I am sure number 3 son, who wired the house, mentioned he installed POE 'thingies' for future usage e.g. IP Cameras.

    Info regarding the modem will keep in mind.

    Will order box tomorrow when I have more time. Still wrestling with a Truecall Telephone Call Blocker CallerID problem, which has suddenly surfaced. PITA as it has been working successfully for years and so far no solution.




  • In reply to Bryan Donald:

    Hi, Bryan, and welcome to the UTM Community!

    It looks like Jason's got you on the right path.  Here are several links that you will want to read before, during and after starting:

    READ ME FIRST: UTM Architecture
    DNS best practice

    Cheers - Bob