At home license on UTM 425

I have an old UTM 425 and was wondering can I take that and use it at home with an At Home license?

  • Hi Scott,

    you can use this energy consuming Monster with a Home License if you install the Software-Image - unfortunately you'll lose the LCD Display because the Software image doesn't have the LCD drivers installed.


    Yours Lukas

  • In reply to lna:

    Hi, Lukas, and welcome back to the UTM Community - long time no see!

    There's a trick to using the home license with an appliance and the hardware (ssi) ISO.

    To get the UTM to take a home license, you must "hide" the asg file like

    mv /etc/asg /etc/asg.bak

    If you want to load a new ISO on the appliance, you must "unhide" /etc/asg

    Cheers - Bob