Sophos on pcengines APU?

Hi guys!

First of all - my big bow to all of you making it possible for home users to use sophos utm! There are many different things out there and among all of them - you remain streamlined, organized and offer a professional product at no cost for home users. KUDOS!

I have been using sophos for couple of years and i always had one tripping point: size of HW. I mean, there are mini itx solutions and thin itx standard, but it always turns out looking like a pc and not like a small nice firewall/router.

PcEngines has made a new board that is only 6" x 6", fits in their super small case, has 3 Giga lan ports and mini pci slots for wifi card. The box uses 6-12w under full load and is completely passive!

So - now the big question - will sophos run on this board?

Here is the board:

PC Engines apu1c product file

I hope this will/can work so that i can buid the fw that performs well and that my wife finds it acceptable to stay under the TV set Smile


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    I tested it with a blind install, is the same shit I press y enter and the system reboots. Nice work Sophos you are number one in Scrap software Angry

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    I would say that if it works for others it may not be Sophos fault necesarily. It could be though. If I were you I would try using a different SSD. It could be a matter of the OS not detecting the SSD or something similar. Give it a try. If trying a blind install didn't work I would stick to the normal console install. I used Putty by the way.

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    Im using it on APU on few sites, my home, my parrents, friends...Everywhere it works just fine, installation since 9.4 is not blind, console on serial port is enabled, so installation procedure is thru putty or whatever serial client easy...

    APU with 64GB SSD, at home running all services and filtering, connected AP55C, AP15C and one AP15.