Licensing on AWS (BYOL)

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Regarding the following advisory:

[RESOLVED]Advisory: Sophos UTM on AWS - Licensing issues after updating to 9.6 MR2 (Standalone/HA) - Sophos Community

Could anybody please tell me what happens if an existing license with less than 150 users expires and a new license needs to be applied to an appliance running the software newer than 9.602? Will we have to buy a license for 150 users, when the existing license expires?

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  • You will require a license based on your instance type. 

    The following are the specific minimum user values:

    • Single = 150
    • HA standalone = 150
    • HA warm standby = 150
    • Auto-scaling = 250

    What kind of UTM instance you're running on AWS? And if your license it about to expire, you should get in touch with your account manager or customer care team for renewal. They can advise further renewal options.

  • In reply to Jaydeep:

    Frankly, I consider this a stiff-arm to resellers unless we start getting 150-IP NFR licenses.  For several of our clients, it just means abandoning AWS or, more likely, Sophos.  This is just so heavy-handed on Sophos part.

    Bob's not a happy camper about this!

    Cheers - Bob