Installing utm in vm on windows server 2019 does not work

Hello guys,

I am working on getting utm on a vm in windows server data center 2019.

The vm I created is gen 1 met 8 vcpu, 8 gb ram, 250 gb vhd ssd on s2d. And 7 vnic's (intended 6) to a 10 gbit switch.

I have installed utm successfully  

But after initial reboot it hangs at strange signs I have tried older versions of utm but same results.

What do I miss?

  • Hi  

    Please check out your configuration against this article Sophos UTM virtualization support.

  • In reply to Jaydeep:

    Thanks but it did not help me.

    I created all virtual machines with powershell and generation 2 did not work so i change generation to 1 and instal worked fine. But the disk was on scsi controller (in gen 2) and i didnt change that. Turns out that the vm wouldnt boot.

    After attaching the disk to a ide controller it booted right away

    So thanks for the help

    And maybe for someone else who has the same problem