Sophos UTM 220 - A few questions (Licensing, Reset, Fans, SSH)

Hello, everybody,

maybe someone can answer that question for me. Sorry in advance: I am from Germany and my English is not so good.
I got a Sophos UTM 220 from my instructor (I'm a trainee in the company) to play/try out, because we got 2 new Sophos firewalls.

I have a few questions about this:
1) Is there a license for private use which allows me to use the UTM 220 completely with all functions? Are there licenses for apprentices?
I would just like to learn more about it and try it out, but it's not so good on production systems. :-D
2) Can I update the OS so that I have the new interface?
3) I tried to log in via SSH to see which kernel etc. is installed. But I can't access the console because the password is not correct. Is this because of the missing license ? (I changed the password in the setup)
4) The instructions say that the Sophos is at on re-initialization (reset). However, the adapter (eth0) initializes to Is this normal or has there been a change during an update? Or did something go wrong with the reset? (I reached the UTM after I adjusted it, but not as described in the manual)
5) Are the fans controlled by PWM? I don't think I can create this workload at home that the UTM gets hot. It is still terribly loud. :-D

It would be just great if it could replace my fritzbox, I could have a DMZ for my services from outside and thus get rid of my VPSs.

It would be nice if someone would answer my questions, even if they sound like they are from a beginner.

Best regards
Marvin Beckmann

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