How to set up UTM in home environment connecting to an ADSL modem

 Hello all.


I am having some issues configuring UTM at home.


I am running a basic TPlink ADSL modem. I have removed all ethernet connections from it and connected them to a basic ethernet switch.

I have a PC with 2 NICs  (the UTM server)

I have connected one of the ADSL modem ethernet ports to the WAN nic on the UTM and the other UTM nic connects to the internal switch.

I have added the WAN interface at UTM install as standard ethernet and on the UTM dashboard both Internal and WAN are up BUT there is no traffic to/from the ADSL modem and I cannot ping it either.

Currently the ADSL modem is operating as the DHCP server. WAN interface set to use DHCP with static IP for internal.

What am I missing??? 



  • Ok, so further investigation led me to redo the whole thing, adding a third NIC and configuring it in full transparent mode and I can now browse the web :)

    ...however a laptop on the LAN only works if I set a static IP, for some reason DHCP from the ADSL modem is not getting through and I cant browse to the ADSL modem IP address.

    What could be causing that?



  • In reply to Prone S:

    Hi Tracy and welcome to the UTM Community!

    If you search here, you will find that the preferred solution is to bridge the ADSL modem and to connect it only to the UTM's External interface.  In this way, the interface can get a public IP.  This also means that it's the UTM that you will need to configure to do DHCP for your internal devices.  Then, you need only a second, Internal, interface to connect to your internal switch.  Configure Web Filtering in Transparent, not Full Transparent, and you should be good to go.

    You will also want to study #2 through #5 in Rulz, paying special attention now to #3.1.

    Cheers - Bob