Advice needed: How to make sg125w fully working company access point?

Dear friends,

I just bought sg125w with idea to have fully working company AP. After 2 days of playing with all settings I came to the conclusion that I made a wrong purchasing decision as I realised this:

1. Sophos SG125W wifi card has no capability to work in 2.4 and 5Ghz concurrently

2. I have a lot of old wifi devices so I'm forced to use internal wifi as 2.4GHz which is bottleneck when copying large files to NAS

3. It is not possible to buy and replace current wifi card with more recent HW which will work in dual mode.

4. Intenal wifi card in 2.4GHz mode is limited to 450 MBps bandwidth - I'm not sure how all filtering features influencing transfer speed, but in my case I'm getting cca 50 Mbps results (LAN Speed Test) which is comparing to my previous router (Synology RT2600ac cca 220) very low.

I was thinking about buying extra AP, but price for AP 100 is out of my budget and regarding to information posted on forum I'm not able to use internal AP with external AP togetger.

Can anybody suggest how to deal with this situation?

I need strong 5GHz AC access point and 2.4GHz AP working together.

Many thanks in advance.

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  • ...what a big surprise for me:

    this is what I need (extra wifi card possibility), I feel little bit scammed by sophos partner salesman as he did not mentioned anything about version 3 hw...

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    Ahoj Ivan and welcome to the UTM Community!

    I learned about the new products from an email I received on 25 February, so your salesman may not have known much about them.  In any case, the option for a second internal radio only exists for the SG 135w.

    There's no problem with adding a separate AP and having it work together with the built-in AP.  If you initially planned on just having the internal AP, an AP 15 or 15c would work for you.

    Cheers - Bob

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    Hi Bob, thank you for warm welcome :-)

    Now I'm trying to learn as much as possible from this forum, but still have some questions: 

    I was looking into AP15c and I see it's only 300Mbps so for my purpose this can serve 2.4GHz for old devices and my internal wifi will be switched to 5GHz 1300Mbps?

    Does anybody know details about internal wifi card used in version 3 hw (125w and 135w)? I would like to compare supported wifi bands.

    As I'm not familiar with Sophos business model I would like to know if Sophos will offer HW refresh for sg125w rev 2 owners. 

    My device is currently in the box (still fighting with dealer for replacement to version 3) but licence and 3y support is already activated on the portal. Is it possible to pause licences when not in use?

    Is it possible to transfer licence to other device? (I'm just thinking about custom hw appliance with better wifi cards and want to use purchased licence).

    Many thanks in advance.


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    I like your plan for using the built-in AP and AP 15, Ivan.  The cards are Atheros using ath9k or ath10k drivers.  - see Alex Busch' post.

    I could answer your other questions if you were in the USA, but because mods can see a poster's IP, I shouldn't respond.  I suggest you call Sophos directly to pose your questions if you are uncomfortable with your reseller.  The two nearest Sophos sales offices to you are Brunn am Gebirge, Austria +43 2236 205665 0 and Warsaw, Poland +48 22 548 0005.

    Cheers - Bob