Webadmin - Certificate Management

Hi, alles wird im Webadmin geladen und funktioniert , ausser der Reiter  Certificate Management. 
Nach 30 Sekunden kommt die bekannte Meldung, aber es wird nichts geladen.

Wo kann man weitere Fehlerlogs zu dem Webadmin finden?

  • Hi GunnarNeise,

    Can you please explain your issue? Are you having an issue accessing Certificate Management page? If yes, when you try to access the tab, what is the error message? I would also suggest you to try with different browsers to check it is browser issue. 


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    So sieht das aus

  • In reply to H_Patel:

    Hi, how i can push forward this issue? What kind of data you need ?

    Current firmware version: 9.700-5

  • In reply to GunnarNeise:

    Hi, We do have a known issue currently that might be causing this issue which will be resolved in a future software release, our internal reference for this is NUTM-11561. I'd recommend logging a support call with Sophos Support and asking them to confirm if the symptoms you are experiencing do match this. If so, then there may be a short term workaround we can apply prior to the software release. Greg