Default speed of Sophos Interfaces (SG 4XX)

Hi there,

i'm not sure , but i as i remember i had once a possibility to edit the speed of my interfaces. It might be that it was because of a virtual Sophos running in a virtual machine. But on my physical SG 430 i don't see the speed the interface has. So i guess there is a default value. So what is this default value? I have an issue with at least one interface that just don't run faster than 100 Mbit which seems quite slow to me.

I know i can enter something under "Displayed max", but nethertheless...what is the default value?

  • Not the Display Max is that you search for...


    the default is "Auto negotiation"

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    Hmmm...ok, so there is this option in the hardware device list. And of course, „Auto negotation“ is set. Still... how can i find out, what sophos uses „live“ for this nmhardware nic? And furthermore, do the virtual interfaces use the same setting or is there a possibility to change the speed only for virtual interfaces?

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    use ethtool eth1 to check current (negotiated) port speed.

    Autoneg works only correct, if booth partners use it.

    If you use autoneg and the providerrouter is configured to fix 100full you may get 100half at the UTM.

    (duplex mismatch with big performance implications)