Error "SELF: red_server can only be run in master mode" in RED Log

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another RED issue... our support has edited "cc set red use_unified_firmware 0" in CLI as we have the famous "RED is down after sophos utm update" issue.

After that, we got the error "SELF: red_server can only be run in master mode" in RED log. Even after entering "cc set red use_unified_firmware 0" back again this issue is not fixed. Additionaly we get an error mail hourly with the content "RED server not running - restarted". Can anyone help?

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    Apologies for the inconvenience. The service red_server only runs on the Master device and not on the Slave nodes of HA. So the message itself is not indicating an error, just an alert of the service status. Since the changes in unified firmware, this message started appearing in normal logs(which it should not unless put into debug mode). This has been notified to the development team and they're working on it to resolve soon.

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    Hi Jaydeep,

    Thank you for the hints. We‘ve restarted the passive node and now we don‘t get this message anymore.