Sophos RED 50 - Boots up and shows only ">Live-Log"

Hi folks,


i need some troubleshooting help. We were using a sophos red 50 with SG430. The red devie starts up and and the link connection blinks. After some time all the link leds disappear for some seconds just to appear again. The red device does not get a connection anymore and the displays shows "->Live-Log" but none of the buttons below sem to have a function.

Can anyone help to troubleshoot? Is there a way to connect to the device directly?

  • Hello,


    pls connect your RED50 Device via RS232 Cable and RS232toUSB Adapter on your Notebook/PC.

    Download and launch "Putty", choice Serial and set baudrate to 115200.

    Finally power on your RED and post the Log here.


    Propable the startup fails.



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    We've got the same issue since yesterday. Do you already have a solution?





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    Sorry not yet


    i've tested several ways, but without success.


    Seems to be dead Hardware at this point

  • same here, had a RED50 REV1 replaced 2 weeks ago after it had this problem. I replaced it with another RED50 Rev1 which was not used all the years. After one week it suddenly did the same thing. Only shows Live log and done. No bootup possible. Really a shame Sophos just killed our Reds with a faulty firmware, iam very sure...

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    Same here, RED that has been replaced because of the last firmware issue some weeks ago died with the same behavior.

    Stable and reliable is something way different, thanks Sophos for the lovely Sunday I'm now having.

  • Save yourself the trouble of trying to troubleshoot this issue. Call Sophos support, or your partner and have them do it.  You will need to RMA this device ASAP.  We had a similar issue with a client where their RED50 had been working, another agency disconnected power to the modem it was connected to, RED was down for 4 hours, when power and modem connectivity re-established the RED50 was in the "Live-Log" only no matter what we did, reboots, flash, terminal resets, nothing worked.  We RMA'd and the replacement RED50 came up without issue.

    In response to those who have RED50 in the box as a "spare" in the event of a failure, this same situation revealed our spare RED50 that had not been connected since we put the UTMs in palce 3.5 years ago, would not update either, not out of a RED issue, but the hardware itself just wasn't operating properly.

    My advice is if you buy multiple RED50 device and plan on keeping them as spares, add to your maintenance schedule to quarterly grab the RED50 out of the closet, plug it in and provision it in the UTM, no need to assign a LAN to it, just provision the unit, its very quick and easy and ensures your hardware is on the correct firmware, because you could end up with a RED that 15+ firmwares behind when you try to use it years later.

    But do not waste time troubleshooting a RED, if a restart didn't correct your issue, RMA that thing and Sophos is really good about replacing the hardware quickly.