TLD specific name resolution

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Does anyone know whether it's possible to route name resolution based on the the TLD of a url?

We have a link into a closed network that has its own name servers for two TLDs.

Most of our external traffic needs to use standard internet name servers for resolution, but any hosts sitting under those two TLDs that staff need to access we have to add in specific static routes for.

The ideal situation would be to just route dns requests for hosts under those TLDs to the name servers on the closed network - Is this possible?

Many thanks.

  • Have you checked Network Services -> DNS -> Request routing ?

    That's where you can send specific domain name requests to specific name servers. There's also such a thing in Windows DNS servers should you clients point to a Windows server for name resolution.

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    Thanks for the reply - Yeah, I've set that up thinking that it sounded like what I was after but it's not working unfortunately.
    If that is how you do what I'm trying to do though I'll follow up on it some more.

    Many thanks.

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    Hi Pauliolio,

    in "Forwarders" Tab you set a trustworthy DNS forwarder then you'll go to request routing and setup your private domain and set the DNS Servers as an availability group.

    if it doesn't work check if you can reach your DNS servers from cli, maybe if it is a private net you'll need to check a Firewall / VPN device / .. between UTM and that Network if it allows DNS queries.

    Yours Lukas

  • Hi, Paul - it looks like your first participation here - welcome to the UTM Community!

    I guess your mistake was using ".tld" instead of without the leading dot.  Any better luck now?

    Cheers - Bob

  • Hi All

    Thanks for the suggestoins - Getting there. Will report back when done.

    (Bob -      ??)