Web Filter Policy Customization

I would like to accomplish the following with using Web Filter Policy. This is for a home network so there is no AD.

Policy A = Allows Social Media Sites. My 16 year old has facebook, as do I.

Base Policy = Set up for the general filtering I want at the house. In general I don't want my 7 year old to get to Social Media.

What I would like to do is set Policy A to only pass the Social Media Rule to what ever IP address is assigned to that policy. But the rest is still controlled by the base policy.

Example: My computer goes to social media because policy A says it can, however it can't go to adult site because base policy says it can't. (So I don't have to rebuild base policy rules into every 'exception' I create.)

  • That is not how it works.  You will have to have one filter action for thise with facebook and a diffetent filter action for those who do not.

    You ned to decide how you will distinguish users, by logon or by ip addtess.   Dont forget that many tvs and other entertainment products have web browsers, and many users have multiple devices, so ip filtering may not work even with static ip addtesses.

    Filter profe is evaluated first, and it selects based on ip and device type.   That determines which policies are available.   User deyermines which policy is selected.   Policy determines which filter action is applied.

  • Hi, Adam, and welcome to the UTM Community!

    You can require authentication for access to a specific Policy.  On the 'Misc' tab of 'Filtering Options', you can change the 'Authentication timeout' from the default of 900 seconds.  You would need only the "Default" Profile with three Policies -  First, one for the Parents, next, one for the 16 year old and, finally, one for everyone else.  Each Policy would assign a different Filter Action.  Filter Actions are not additive as you assumed.  Exceptions apply to all Filter Actions.  In your case, I would have separate User accounts for the Parents and the 16 year old, but not one for the 7 year old.

    As the father of two 30+ year olds, I should have insisted that they friend my wife or me as a condition of using Facebook when they were living under our roof - just sayin'...

    Cheers - Bob