WebAdmin problem with Chrome since update?

I updated our SG330 yesterday to UTM v9.502-4

Today the WebAdmin interface is very sluggish in Chrome; but it seems responsive as usual with Internet Explorer 11.

With Chrome, I get lots of popups asking "do you want to wait another 30 seconds?" and "request stopped".

Any ideas?  Anyone else experiencing this issue?


  • There are a few steps that you can try:

    1)  Clear the browser cache.
    2)  Clear the Web Proxy cache.
    3)  Flush authentication cache
    4)  Reboot to reinitialize the authentication mechanisms.

  • Kris, do you see anything in the Intrusion Prevention Live Log using IE, when you're trying to use WebAdmin in Chrome? (Yes, one user can login twice from the same IP.)

    Cheers - Bob

  • In reply to BAlfson:

    Hi Bob!

    Nope, nothing in IPS Live Log when accessing WebAdmin with Chrome.

    It loads the WebAdmin login page very slow, and if I manage to successfully log in, navigating is very slow.



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    Hi Kris,

    What is the CPU and memory utilization you see on the Web Admin dashboard? If the values are normal then try restarting httpd service in the UTM, take SSH to the UTM and execute,

    /etc/init.d/httpd restart


  • In reply to sachingurung:

    since this morning we see same symptoms on our SG310 Cluster.

    changing browsers dont helps.. tried with IE, firefox, chrome (with the standards... erasing cache and so on).


    login in via ssh and restart httpd daemon helps.. after 3 attemps i can login then..

    will reboot the cluster later.. hope this fixes it..


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    some more ISSUES:


    - Webadmin login needs long to get in.. mostly 2 or 3 messages with the warning "wait 30 secs"

    - Userportal dont work any more.. this popup appears:


    the password is the right one.. tried with different users and nothing helps

    - SSL-VPN did not work any more or need 30 minutes to login


    we have rebooted Cluster yesterday... reboot did not help

    did not chance anything on authentication... just updated to this firmware at monday morning...



    Please help us.. this is a show stopper for us

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    Hi Zapod,

    Which process consumes high CPU during the events of slowness? Show me an output of atop and restart the respective services along with HTTPD.


  • In reply to sachingurung:

    Hi Sachingurung,


    thnx for your reply. Got some update for you:

    - contacted my reseller in the meantime... he cant find anything wrong on the cluster but also sees that aua is slow and maybe corrupt..

    - we have changed the master / rebuild database / restarted httpd and other deamons.. no change in behavior

    - we have restored a backup from 4 days before... no change...

    in the end he opened a ticket at sophos support (dont have the number yet)...

    the student which opens the ticket said we are not the first with these problems today... so it is something with the authentication daemon (aua)...


  • In reply to sachingurung:


    Figured it out.

    We got a DOS-Attack on our SMTP-Proxy.. so the Authentication Daemon was flooded with requests..

    i found out which host, put it in blacklists and my blackhole rule and the problems are away now :-)

    CPU consumption never was a problem.. but aua-daemon has thousends of requests.. so classical DOS Attack..


    for all others with similar problems... also check other logs you may not think interesting in your problem....


  • This morning I logged into my SG330 running UTM  v9.502-4 with IE - then thought, let me try it in Chrome.

    I don't know what changed, but it's running perfectly in Chrome now.

    Chrome Version 61.0.3163.79 (Official Build) (64-bit)

  • In reply to KrisJacobs:

    So what I wrote back in the middle of September was short lived - WebAdmin in Chrome became unusable again after a few days.


    Today I was troubleshooting a completely separate issue - the top of the Chrome browser window across the URL bar would go black all the way across when dragging from one of my side monitors to my center monitor.  If I moused over the black, the URL bar and the proper bits would "paint" in slowly as I moused over them - like old school graphics.

    The solution to the black bar:  Chrome Settings > Advanced > System > Use Hardware Acceleration when available - turn it OFF.

    Relaunched Chrome, black bar problem gone.

    I thought, hey let me try my UTM WebAdmin in Chrome - it works great!  Smooth, responsive, PERFECT!   =)


    So, if you are having trouble with Sophos UTM WebAdmin in Chrome - turn OFF "Use Hardware Acceleration when available".