How can I force a redirect for a specific URL ?

So I regularly access a URL that actually has two domains for different countries. = International information. = Canadian information.


The problem is that while I'm testing, I want to FORCE all of my local connections to redirect to , but ONLY when they are accessing the /apiurl NOT when they are just going to


How can I force this via Sophos UTM ?

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    I'm sorry, Oliver, but it's not clear what you mean by redirect.  If you mean you want the HTTP Proxy (Web Protection) to perform a redirect, the answer is that it can't.  If you mean you want DNS to resolve differently depending on something other than the FQDN, it can't.

    The only way a redirect might be possible (I haven't tried it, but the release notes indicates it should) would be with the new V9.5 using Webserver Protection with a Virtual Server defined on your Internal interface and an internal DNS entry to force the FQDN to go through your proxy.  This also might be possible today with V9.4 using Site-Path routing, but again, I haven't done it.  If you try either of these, on of us mods will move your thread to the Webserver Protection forum.

    Let us know what happens with your experiments!

    Cheers - Bob