Hi Guys

I am setting up my home UTM firewall.

I have a BT router, firewall and WiFi disabled as the main router to the internet WAN side.

PC with UTM .

new router  WiFi on what would people recommend?  for about 25 devices looking at TP-Link Archer C9

would this be a good setup?

Thanks Graham


  • Hi and welcome,

    you are asking about setting up a UTM then you talk about a router.

    You can either buy a Sophos AP (managed from UTM) but not the best throughput or you can buy an AP like the archer. Some of the new Netgear ones look very scary, greater throughput than the ethernet connection, strange that? The archer looks good. I still have issues with the advertising because very few if any devices have the dual band simultaneously capability.

    With beam forming the Archer is way ahead of current Sophos AP technology.

  • In reply to rfcat_vk:

    Thanks for that I am looking at the C9 just have confirmed my way to go

    thanks again



  • In reply to rfcat_vk:

    new C9 router up and running seems good only been up 1 hour will config firewall tomorrow