UTM Up2Date 9.703

As version 9.703 is released I would be very happy to hear of installations with zero problems, I hope. So if anyone has done it, tell us. Thank you.
I think we all are a bit of careful with new versions, as one should anyway be in production environments.

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  • I note that I had to use --no-check-certificate with wget today, Alex - that's a change from past behavior.

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    Follow the link in my post just above yours, Thorsten.

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    Oh, I didn't see that it was a link. My bad!

  • I updated my own UTM to 9.703 on 11/04 from the update package.

    I have not noticed any problems at all (yet).

    On The other 3 UTM's I look after the auto downloaded install which I scheduled was removed automatically

    Only noticed and searched after didn't receive the update emails this morning (2 systems) later scheduled installs have been cancelled (1 System)

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    The update is withdrawn by Sophos because of multiple notifications of major issues.

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    Yes I know, the original poster asked for examples of upgrades that went with no problems



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    Seems to me like russian roulette without further information from Sophos, you never know, when it hits you!

    SOPHOS, do you copy?!?

    Your information policy is BAD, if not public, you could at least inform your partners with some bits of details!!!

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    In all fairness, Philipp, I pushed hard very high up for this to be done abruptly.  If you check Release Notes & News, you'll see that information was shared at the same time as the Up2Date was withdrawn.

    Normally, a decision to withdraw an Up2Date would only occur after Support was able to reproduce the problem.  My argument was that, in the midst of a COVID-19 pandemic, this procedure should be abandoned.  There were no critical bugs fixed by 9.703.  I insisted that there was no reason to risk not having work-from-home for hours while the UTM admin had to go into work to re-image and restore.  There was enough anecdotal evidence in our threads here that they were convinced to go outside what was best-practice before the pandemic.

    Cheers - Bob

  • We can go on. I installed the update yesterday at a customer's site. He always wants to patch quickly. So far it looks good.

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    2 boxes with the re-released update 9.703-3 since yesterday afternoon.

    Both are running fine so far, CPU is as low as before, no stops and other anomalies, IPsec tunnels are up as usual, Wifi is running without hickups.