OID sent and received bits per second

I am looking for the SNMP OID that can deliver the sent and received bits per second for the UTM9 appliance like in the screen shot below  

I have the OIDs for octets sent and received but its the TOTAL number of octets sent and received while I am looking for sent and received bits per second.

Thanks in advance.

  • These counters are from standard MIB.

    If there is a counter for bits/sec you should find it here.

    But as i know is the "total octets" the only one and you have to calculate (tolalnow-totalold) / time.since.last.call

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    Thanks for the reply.  "If there is a counter for bits/sec you should find it here."  Where is here?  Also, forgive me for my ignorance but can you explain this part "calculate (tolalnow-totalold) / time.since.last.call" I am not quite sure how I would go about doing that or what it would look like.  I appreciate your help.

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    " Where is here?" - is the Standard MIB2 definition. But there is no such counter. The only bit/sec SNMP Variable is for interface speed.

    ifInOctets is the total interface byte counter 

    ΔifInOctets is the difference between two SNMP requests  (you have to calculate by yourself ... my tolalnow-totalold

    Δtime the time between two SNMP requests 

    so the result from ΔifInOctets/Δtime  is bytes per second

    better explained here:


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    I was afraid of that.  Thanks for your time and effort.  Ill do more research based on what you told me.