SG135 C2000 BUG

Hello, I recently bought a used SG135 rev.1 which has AVR54 bug (I found out about this bug after I buy it).

For others vendors I found a possible fix, but not for Sophos.

There are two (as far as I know) fixes:

1. Replace a atom c2xxx with C0 revision

2. external pull-up resistor (18.2k to 10k), from LPC_CLKOUT0 or LPC_CLKOUT1, tied to 3.3V

Did someone tried to fix this bug? (I use home license, so I don't have any agreement with Sophos).


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    Any one mind sharing what size resistor they used? I'm going to order a 150ohm, but dont know what size would work best. 0805?

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    0805 works good,  1206 is WAY to big....  but keep in mind that you have to be extremely careful to solder it in, since it dos not fit very well and the solder paste does not hold the resistor very well in place. 

    I think my reboot problem caused by left flux and maybe single solder paste partikles, which could not be seen with bare eye.... after again cleaning all leftovers thouroughly my box reboots again just, fine, I think....




    P.S.: Don't even think about using a trough-hole resistor.... the PCB of the device is so bad quality , you will imediatly lift the soldering pads up and destroy the board, even if you a careful. seldomly seen such a bad PCB....

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    Hi i soldered the resistor in and it works perfectly, bringing my SG135 back to life. I used the 0603 because i found the 08 bit to big to fit the gap nicely. 


    The only funny thing i saw afterwards is the Hardware site on the Bios Displays bullshit. Voltages are Doubled and so on. Can anybody confirm or does my box have any other issue? 

  • Well, I added the 150 ohm resistor,  but still no boot.

    Sad story :(

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    So mine before the fix had the status Led showing its on but nothing more.

    After it the 8 status leds did their usual thing so that was the sign for me that I got it right what’s yours doing ?

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    All LEDs flash once or twice as soon as I power on, but then its just solid power LED forever.

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    Check your soldering again. The PCB  not really good quality, maybe something else around the soldering has been compromised - or the pad which connects the backside of the pcb to the case (some flimsy silicone pad) has collected some conductive soldering stuff and shorts something.



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    This is because of the DMI Data which is fetched, but due to the pull up resistor now calculated wrong. Due to this, it is impossible to use the SG125/135 as a hardaware appliance anymore.

    So as stated before (page 3 last reply) already, the resistor fix is not a fix, it is just a workaound to bring the device back up to life.


    For Synology there were 100 ohm resistors used, im not experienced but myabe a shot worth for someone ... se if the device boots and DMI Data is correct

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    Okay Perfect. 


    I can totally live with the fact that its only working for home use. 

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    Ive got a refubished SG125 from Sophos with a 150 Ohm Resistor soldert an it works well as a Hardware UTM.


    A Harddisk change can also be an Reason for the Hardware UTM Installer denie the Installation


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    Oh well, can you do me some favour and check the Bios values for the rpm spins on the fan and maybe the temperature values? In fact i have replaced the hdd, as the original hdd does have some bad sectors. I did clone the hdd before the change using dd in linux but as far as i know there is some branding inside the sophos hdd's. So this might be really the culprit here.

  • Please help me I have problems: The SoC LPC_CLKOUT0 and/or LPC_CLKOUT1

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    Thanks for the info! it works like a charm. No weird bios messages or wrong values and still recognised as a hardware appliance.

    I used a 150 ohm resistor 0805 SMD. very difficult solder joints and very small parts. The solder joints are indeed of poor quality just be careful.

    I have also used a solder iron with a very small tip en not too hot, no solder paste just the smallest diameter tin.

    Good luck!