UTM 9** VS Copernicus


I'm about renewing my license soon.
Normal, I do it for three year - Which is a lot of money, and I have some decisions to make.

My questions:

  1. Does Copernicus going to be the next FW release and totally replace the current FW as we know it.
  2. If yes - when.
  3. . Sophose making a big buzz around the "Heart beat".
    Can I use Copernicus as FW only (I don't want to install anything extra on my work stations).
  4. Normally, I buy Full guard license.
    Will it cover everything in Copernicus?
  • 1) Yes
    2) Several years for the complete switch over
    3) Yes
    4) Yes, it should.

    Stick with UTM9 for now.  Copernicus is missing quite a few features that are in UTM.  These will be ported over for V2 of Copernicus.  When the time comes and you are ready, your existing UTM license will be able to be converted over to Copernicus.

    Install the trial of Copernicus to play with in a VM and see what you think.  Sophos is very proud of it.  Many beta testers were quite vocal about their dissatisfaction.  Very subjective, so play with it to make an informed decision on your own, based on your needs.

  • Thanks Scott.

    During these years - until Copernicus will comes.
    Do Sophos plan to evolve and add new features to UTM9, ore only bug fix?
    Does Sophose have any road map for it?
  • In reply to Goldy:

    they stated that they will still work on UTM 9. We just renewed our licence for another 3 years earlier this year.
  • In reply to Goldy:

    The real question is -> how much effort will be involved in developing new functionalities?
    It could easily happen that upgrade from UTM9 to XG feature would be the only functional improvement (plus ongoing bugfixes) in version 9.4, announced to Q1 2016.

    Last official published roadmap:

  • In reply to vilic:

    In some cases, even upgrading to to new major version is a big head ache (all the new bags an so)
    Moving from 9.** to Coperncuse seems to me like moving to totally another Firewall.
    Copernicus - like Vista in the beginning, expect to be very buggy.
    It takes time to clean all the bugs and make a stable system.
    QA and all beta tests, will never simulate real world and full scale running.
    Wonder how many corporates and companies would go for it.

  • Hi.

    After some digging, found those two links,  to clear a bit the fog about 9* and Copernicus.

    Not sure if it's good or bad, but see where the wind blows...



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  • In reply to Goldy:

    I think its important to note that Copernicus is based on Cyberroam.

    Which means that Sophos has made the decision that Cyberroam and not Astaro is the path forward. Sure its got a fancy new GUI....but this is cyberroam.

    Everyone can make their decision if that was the best bet. For us, cyberroam has always been one of weakest UTM offerings on the market. At least Sophos has given us a heads up so we know we have 1-2 years to find a new firewall partner. Kudos for not making us have to scramble and find a new one ASAP.

  • From what i was told today from pre sales tech
    UTM will be supported for a further 2 years or more
    You can use XG (copernicus) as a FW only

    Heartbeat requires a sophos endpoint cloud subscription wont work with SEC managed endpoints

    Not sure about renewal but i have been told our full guard can be carried over to XG with all the same protection
  • In reply to Goldy:

    While the rhetoric from Sophos is that UTM is still going strong and is continuing to be developed, there are some subtle (or not) changes regarding this product. For example, it no longer exists on the 'Free Tools' page of products and has been replaced by XG. Personally, I would not install the XG counterpart of the Essential Business Firewall at any client site since I am not comfortable with the UI, and the training materials, last time I checked, were non-existant. While it is still possible to obtain the Essential Business License, it is now more difficult and I would not be surprised to see it disappear completely.